Young blood

Beg to live dreams others made
You never really know why
“Ring a ring o roses” in the head
Have to say goodbye
Get a new love from far away
May be taken for a ride
Wounds are so easy to turn grey
When the future’s open wide


Shaking with laughter, crying sometimes 
Hard to find a way
In Nowheresville there ain’t no signs
So it’s time to get away
I guess


There’s a place where the sidewalk ends
Under fairer skies
Leave the town to find new friends
And walk a thousand miles


Everybody wants a new life
And prays for better days

But only youth can hold the knife
That will light it up with blaze


Take a look at the years that stay
And the promise in our hand
Who will be the ones to say
“We have done what we planned” ?


It's a good old fashioned story that is told, in and out of time
Mistakes don’t look the same for those who made them, no it’s not a crime.

- Blackrain – Young Blood

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